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Time to Flourish: Discovering your Authentic Self

Time to Flourish: Discovering your Authentic Self

Too many of the women I know, are blind to their authentic beauty. Their self-image is at an all time low and the bloom of their youth feels like light years away.

The Problem

Some of them would say that it’s their weight that’s the problem. Nothing fits as it should and everything feels slightly uncomfortable. For others it’s their sense of style that’s the issue. They’ve worn the same type of outfits, worn their hair in the same old style, and even used the same makeup for years. Not because it’s their ‘signature style’, but because it’s easier to drag out the same old thing time after time.

But there is hope, for inside all of us resides our authentic self. She’s the one that told you to cinch in the waist of your old winter coat to create a whole new look, when you thought it was just a hunch. She dared you to paint your toenails bright red, and she whispered that blonde highlights would knock years off you. It’s a shame that most of us ignore her.

As we get to know our authentic selves, we become alert to our own preferences. That in turn awakens our unique sense of style which subsequently enhances our beauty. Ultimately, it helps us to grow into the women we were created to be.

The Solution

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for those of us who want to discover our authentic self. Download the app on your phone or computer and, whenever you have a quiet moment to yourself, sit down and flip through it. Pin the pictures of the women you think are attractive and the clothing you’d love to wear. This is aspirational, remember. Don’t be put off by women who are a different height or shape than you, or by clothes that are completely out of your price range. This is about creating a ‘mood board’. It’s a brainstorming process to help you discover what you truly love and what you don’t.

What Next?

When you’ve done with pinning, look back over your board and see if you can spot any patterns. I realised that I loved the look of skinny jeans worn with heels and fitted jackets. I also discovered that I loved red!

Next, look at whether anything in your wardrobe resembles any of your pins.

Look at where the gaps are, and make a note of the items that you’re missing. Be prepare to wait for the perfect item to present itself to you – no more ‘knee-jerk reactions’ to your shopping list. Don’t settle for something that’s not ‘you’, or which is close to your ideal, but not perfect.

From here on in, you’re going to discover what clothes make you look and feel fantastic. Best of all, you’ll be on your way to finding your own authentic sense of style.

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