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On the 21st Day of Blogmas: A Christmas Play Day

On the 21st Day of Blogmas: A Christmas Play Day

Hooray, hooray, it’s a Christmas Play Day today!

Schools across West Sussex finally finished yesterday – although poor Zac missed out on the Christmas fun as he was still poorly. But at least there is something for him to look forward to because this year the PACSO Christmas Play Days are running on 21st and 22nd December. Today and tomorrow!!

If we’re old friends, you’ll know that I’ve worked for PACSO for 9 years. I love my job and enjoy knowing we make a difference to so many people. Families like our own, who have a disabled child, can really struggle at this time of year. It’s difficult enough when you have a ‘neurotypical’ child, but throw in a physical or learning difficulty and it’s a whole new ball game.

PACSO to the Rescue

I can take Zac shopping. He quite enjoys it, really. He’s patient and helpful and enjoys pushing the trolley in Tesco’s. The trouble is, he’s so slow. A shopping trip with him can easily take 2 hours. That’s usually fine, but at this time of year, when there’s so much to do, it can be quite stressful. And so it is for many of the parents who come to PACSO. But that’s where we come to the rescue!

On a PACSO Play Day (we run 2 at Christmas and 2 at Easter), parents can drop their child off at 10 and enjoy a whole 5.5 hours respite before picking them up again. At this time of year, that’s an ideal time to finish off the Christmas shopping, although some parents like to use that time to treat themselves. Today I had a meeting at a popular coffee shop in Chichester and spotted a parent having lunch. ‘This is how I like to spend my respite,’ Caren told me. ‘Having lunch with my sister and my nephew.’

After my meeting I arrived back at PACSO to find Magic Marty in full swing! The kids were in their element, singing and dancing, enjoying the magic and learning how to spin plates. That’s a skill I could do with learning!

Tomorrow, Zac will be going along. He can’t wait! As for me, I may just take some time off and have a little bit of respite – and finish of my Christmas shopping!


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