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On the 22nd Day of Blogmas: A Review on the Last Working Day of the Year

On the 22nd Day of Blogmas: A Review on the Last Working Day of the Year

So the last working day of 2017 has finally arrived and I’m more than ready for it. It’s been a challenging year, this one, but boy has it gone quickly! So as I pack away my laptop and notebooks, my pens and pencils, I thought I’d offer a quick review. The best and worst bits of my 2017:

The Good


Travel has been right up there with my list of highs this year. As a family we have made huge strides forwards in terms of helping my son overcome his fear of new places. And we’ve done it in style:


Matthew and I spent two separate weekends in beautiful Paris. You can read all about them here and here. Our relationship with Paris is far from over, though, and we’re hoping to go back for a third visit in 2018.


This was our first ‘overseas’ trip with our children. We kept it brief and easy and Zac coped beautifully. We packed in a lot of sightseeing on our whistle-stop trip, seeing much of Dublin from the open top deck of a double decker bus!


We had a glorious family weekend in Bath. I’d love to go back – maybe for a romantic break with my husband as, truth be told, there wasn’t a huge amount for our teenage son to do.


We adore Dartmouth, and this was our second trip. Our third visit has already been booked and paid for! Back in the autumn we enjoyed a fabulously relaxing week in a beautiful home just minutes away from the town centre. It was such a restorative time for us: we all came home feeling completely relaxed.


I launched Flourish on 1st July, and have been thrilled by the positive response it has received. I’m still working hard to build it up, but am ever grateful for your encouragement and support. This is proving a great way for me to release my creativity. I’m a frustrated writer, so Flourish gives me a great outlet for writing, without having to commit myself to writing a 90,000 word novel!


My family continue to be a source of great comfort and joy to me. I’m looking forward to having them all around me this Christmas, and to planning some great adventures together for 2018!


I’ve just had the most challenging year of my career, but I’m very excited for what the future holds. Working for a charity I’ve learnt that I need to be adaptable and creative in order to stay one step ahead of the game!

The Bad

In the summer we lost our beautiful cocker spaniel, Daisy. She was just 7 years old, but had suffered with epilepsy since she was 2. More recently she had been diagnosed with severe IBD. She was constantly sick and lost a huge amount of weight in a very short time. One of the most distressing things was knowing she was in pain: she gave a yelp every time she laid on her tummy. After weeks of suffering and numerous interventions by our vet, we finally made the heartbreaking decision to take away her pain. It was one of the saddest days of my life. We all miss her terribly, but I can’t bring myself to even think about another dog at the moment (despite my family being desperate for another!).

The Ugly

Along with the rest of the country, I was horrified at the awfulness of some of the events that unfolded this year. The terror attacks in London and Manchester, and the Grenfell Tower fire are some that stand out. It’s wonderful, though, to watch human nature at work during the dark times. To see strangers risk life and limb for another is a wonderful thing and both inspires me and makes me truly grateful for the abundance that I have in my own life.


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