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Hyggefest: Turning our House into a Home the Flylady Way

Hyggefest: Turning our House into a Home the Flylady Way

I really enjoyed the hyggefest of the Christmas season, and how our home looked – and felt – when it was dressed in all its finery. But how to follow that through once the tree has gone and the decorations have come down?

Our home is small. It’s a typical modern terrace with three bedrooms, a lounge and a separate dining room. We’ve lived here for 12 years and it suits us just fine. But during those years we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. A lot of it went up into the loft, along with the Christmas decs, but there is still much more clutter than I’m happy with. It just doesn’t feel hygge.

A few years ago, in trying to find a way through the detritus of my life, I stumbled across the Flylady website. Marla Cilley is a lady who has walked the walk when it comes to home organisation. The system that she formulated saved her life and continues to bless her.

The Flylady System

For a while I fully embraced the Flylady system. As a part time working mum, I had a few hours every afternoon to put Marla’s plans into action, and they really made a difference. Things became difficult, though, when my job  changed to a full time role. At that point the daily tasks became another thing to add to my overloaded to do list, and I’m sorry to say that I stopped ‘flying’.

Last night I had a fitful night’s sleep. I woke at 3 am and all sorts of stuff whirred through my head for the next couple of hours. One of the things I was mulling over was the state of my nome and how it had lost that hyggelig feeling now that Christmas was packed away. I thought about how I might decorate and rearrange the furniture. And that’s when I remembered the Flylady and her friendly exhortations to ‘shine your sink’.

This morning I filled my sink with hot water and bleach and proceeded to give it the Flylady treatment. You can read Marla’s instructions here. Once it was sparkling clean and shiny, I found myself moving on to other areas of my kitchen. Before I knew it, it was clean and cosy. I even lit a scented candle to celebrate!

I have now dowloaded the Flylady app, in the hope that the system will help me to get my home organised. It’s great to have the daily tasks organised in one place. I also love the tick box system, which helps me to measure how far I’ve come. My concern is that will be too much for me to sustain, and will once again be confined to the ‘scrap heap’ – another great idea that I couldn’t keep up.

But, for today at least, it worked. I have a clean and shiny sink and the kitchen that definitely has the hygge factor. And that ain’t a bad start to January. Long may it continue!

Love Val x

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