Encouraging the midlife woman to grow, thrive and prosper

About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome to Flourish!

I’m Val, a mid-life mama from the beautiful city of Chichester in the south of England. By day, I am the Chief Executive of a local charity and by night I like to write. In my  down time I enjoy shopping, cooking, and playing the guitar. I also love spending quality time with my husband and teenage children.

Mid-Life and Beyond

I’ve always been a late developer! I married and had my first child in my late thirties. I went to university in my forties and got my dream job at fifty. So it’s no surprise that I’ve come to the blogging party late!

As I’ve progressed through and beyond the menopause, I’ve been really surprised at the lack of articles on the internet that are aimed at women my age! Those that are tend to be ‘crafty’ or ‘homely’ blogs. There’s nothing wrong with that – I love crafts and homemaking too – but I’ve been looking for something different, and it doesn’t seem to exist.


I have a heart to see women grow, thrive and prosper, and I want to see them inspired and filled with hope, flourishing in every area of their lives. I believe that the 21st century woman wants to make the most of herself, whatever the date on her birth certificate. But I’m also  a realist, and I know that, from time to time, things don’t go to plan. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and it’s often our health and wellbeing that pay the price for circumstances outside of our control. At those times we all need someone standing on the sidelines cheering us on. That’s why I decided to launch Flourish.

An Attitude

Flourish is an attitude. It doesn’t depend upon budget or circumstances, just a commitment to grab life by the horns. That’s why I’ve started my 60/60 challenge – 60 things I want to achieve before I’m 60. Have a nose around my site to find out how I’m getting on  – or simply check in to find out what the fashion and beauty world has to offer for those of us in our prime! I hope you’ll stick around and that you’ll also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

What would you like to achieve before your next milestone birthday? Have you got any bright ideas for challenges that I could add to my list?

I look forward to hearing from you – please add your comments below – and hanging out with you.

Love Val x