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Book Reviews

Welcome to my Book Reviews. Here you will find my thoughts on the books that currently have a place on my bookshelf. I’m an avid reader, but a less avid reviewer. It may take time to get a really good collection of reviews going, but please bear with me!

One of my 60/60 Challenges is to read 60 books before I’m 60. At that time of writing that is 3.5 years away. Reading that many books is a welcome challenge. Reviewing them all may be a different story!

Let’s Get Started

To kick this off, I’m linking to my review of an excellent collection of short stories by my dear friend, Melanie Whipman. Llama Sutra is a winner. Melanie has won many competitions for the individual stories that make up this volume. The book has also won the International Rubery Book Award for a Short Story collection. It’s available to buy in hardback – visit melaniewhipman.com for more ¬†information – or on Kindle from Amazon.

So, I’ll start this off in review order, but I may well change it to alphabetical order as I get a few more reviews under my belt. Let me know if you agree (or not) with my reviews. And if you’ve got any suggestions for new books that I might enjoy, please let me know by sending me an email, or popping your thoughts in the comments box.


Melanie Whipman – Llama Sutra